The Richmond Jazz Festival

One of my friends, Sarah, was telling me about this amazing event that goes on once a year in the Richmond area. Now, I wouldn’t normally stick to one location and blog about it from post to post, but Richmond, Virginia keeps popping up on my radar any time I ask or search around for the newest and most exciting festivals in the US.

The only reason Sarah was actually telling me about this particular festival, is because her father’s company was invited to set up their photo booth there. They are so please give them a shout out from Grant if you decide to go and do some jazzin’ around.

After she told me about it, I started doing some fair amount of research and was eager to find out more. It turns out that the roots of the festival don’t run too deep, since jazz music hasn’t been around all that long. If I recall correctly, the genre itself was invented in the early 1900’s and the crowd was just learning to appreciate the new type of music they were introduced to.  To be completely honest, the basic part of research was almost the same as I did for my previous article. All it too was a couple o searches and all the surface info was right in front of me.

Where it becomes interesting though, is the deep research to find the soul of the event. All the basic info about the festival like when, why, artist lineup and prices can be found at the official website.

Why did I find it special?

I feel like music, no matter the genre, will always carry a message to it’s listener, regardless if the message is good, bad, destructive or self-destructive. Jazz music in particular, carries a message of peace, relaxation and encourages people to enjoy the world. When I say “world“, I mean the world of music and all it has to offer.

When is it happening?

As of now, the festival is scheduled for August, 11th through the 14th. It is going to be the 7th annual premiere on the East Coast.

What’s the Lineup?

  • Herbie Hancock
  • The Roots
  • Michael Franks
  • Freddy Cole

Those are just a few of the big names who will be performing…

I feel like this is one of those festivals that sticks with you and leaves you begging for more after 4 full days of non stop jazz exposure. It’s not happening tomorrow,so there is plenty of time to plan ahead, get your tickets and have some fun!

I, myself am planning on getting there if the job permits, but as you already know… In the business world there are no promises and you have to work for 5 days in order to have fun for 2. That’s just the way things are, at least for me right now, so If you decide to go please hit me up via email. I think it would be awesome to meet with one of my festival enthusiasts at an event as special as The Richmond Jazz Festival.


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