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There’s an upcoming festival up in Richmond, Virginia called the Richmond Folk Festival. It’s a fair and a festival that has roots dating back to 1900’s when Richmonders weren’t even Richmonders yet, but instead the common folk who enjoyed a good, old-fashioned party! Ever since then, it has grown into a huge, if not a massive party / fair where people come from all over the world to see the top performers of all kinds of different(new or unexplored) types of music. This year’s lineup has been announced on June 2nd and it is looking very promising.

I hear that one of the main goals for the event’s organizers is to make it a much bigger success than the previous year, which they have been able to do each year to date… Since the very first one, this festival has been funded by voluntary donations from attendees and using the help of volunteers to keep it operational.

Each year, over 1300 volunteers are accepted to participate in the hosting of the festival while the other 2500 applicants end up attending as guests. This just tells you how popular this festival really is with the people of Richmond, since every volunteer has to be a local and reside in the area.

Last year, the Richmond Folk Festival brought in a record amount of over 100,000 dollars, which then ensured that the festival remains free for public. This years the expectations much higher and the dates haven’t even been set up yet.

It’s not as big as The Renaissance, but Richmond’s crowd totally loves it!

Funny fact: did you know that the day of official announcement of the date of the festival, the average ticket cost raises anywhere from 20 to 30 percent! And that’s only for all incoming plane and bus tickets, so if you have ties to the festival organization members and decision makers, you have a chance of using this to your advantage, whether you have reserved a whole plane seats for day of the event or just bough a couple of regional bus tickets. Either way, there’s always opportunity to make money on everything, but the actual admission to the festival, because well… It’s free!

I highly recommend going to the festival if you’re in the area. If your plan is to drive in, you should be safe, but using public transportation to get into Richmond at the time of the festival, might be a little hectic.

Hope this clarified a couple of things and if not… Feel free to visit: http://www.richmondfolkfestival.org and find out more.

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