I’ve always enjoyed a good festival.  There is something about waiting for that once a year event with the turkey legs, candy apples, BBQ ribs and so many other goodies.

One of the festivals that come to mind is the Renaissance Festival in Annapolis, MD.  I remember the first time I went to it since it was a reasonable drive from Richmond, VA.  I had just gotten off the phone with my friend Phil who lives in Maryland and he had officially named me his best man for his upcoming wedding in Richmond.  Phil and I had been best friends for over 15 years and I was honored to be there by his side for the big day.

Since I was to be Phil’s best man, it was up to me to organize the bachelor’s party.  The wedding was going to be in our hometown in Richmond, VA and I had the best places for our group to go all planned out.  I also knew who to call for the best limo service in Richmond.  Limo Richmond was the company I had used many times before for special occasions.  They were always accommodating, reasonably priced, and had the best drivers in town.

I decided before the big day we had to get together to catch up like old times.  There would be time later for tuxedos, limos, bridesmaids and their fluffy dresses and sexy high heels, and dancing, but that day at the Renaissance festival we were all about the turkey legs and having a rugged, medieval good time!

As my friends and I entered into this new an interesting world we were greeted by King Henry the VIII and his lovely wife Queen Katherine of Aragon.

We were so thrilled to enter a different world as soon as we stepped in.  There were entertainers everywhere; sword swallowers, archers, the village fool, magicians, musicians, and jugglers.

There was a mime that kept following us.  We thought he was creepy at first, but then he ended up imitating each one of us to the T at some point.  We welcomed him with open arms to our group.

The “wenches” kept trying to take us away with them! And the “pirates” kept distracting us and trying to rob us.  It was all in good fun, though. We had fun just walking around and browsing all the shows.  We even found Celtic music being played in some areas.  The one thing you need to know about me is that I love Irish music.  Some of my favorite times have been spent in an Irish pub.

I must say the most interesting show we watched was the jousting.  My heart started beating hard when I saw those two knights racing towards each other on horseback.   They tried to defeat each other with blunted lances; trying to unhorse each other every time.  They must have gone back and forth at least 10 times.  It was all about fighting for each other’s honor.  I can respect that!

All that racing, though, made me tired and thirsty.  So afterwards we all went to O’ Shucks Pub to what was promised to be a “grand old medieval good time.” After being seated at the back table we were joined by Spanish Conquistador Alonso del Castillo Maldonado; we picked up a few moves from him.  It seems that the ladies like to hear sweet somethings from a Spanish Conquistador.  We tried to practice our best Spanish accent and impressed a few of the ladies that were seated close to the bar.

The next to join was Sir Henry Norris.  It was fun trying to get these guys out of character but they were well-seasoned professionals and never revealed their true identities, even after three rounds of shots!  Indeed, a good old time was had by all!

By the end of the day, we thanked our friend Michael who had the good sense to arrange for a limo service to come pick us up from the festival and take us over our friend’s house in Annapolis for our last farewell before Phil’s big day!

We stayed overnight catching up on things and planning for Phil’s bachelor’s party logistics.  For one more night, Phil and all of us had a chance to be “Just the Guys!”


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