I Love Music

Music comes as a passion to me. It doesn’t matter what kind necessarily; I can always find the beauty in it. So naturally, I love music festivals! People just come together for that one special thing that seems to flow within all of our veins: the love for music. I remember my first music festival.  It was a hot Summer day in Florida in late May. The forecast said it would be a rainy day but that didn’t stop people from flowing in.

It was the 97X Barbecue!  97X was a popular radio station in Florida that played rock music.  Seeing all the bands would be nice but my friend Syd and I had come for the headliner: Panic! At The Disco.

We woke up bright and early after traveling from our home in Panama City to St. Petersburg, a whopping 8 hours. I guess you could say we were excited (if that’s defined as exploding from the inside out). Once we arrived I was instantly in a new state of mind. There was music playing loud, vendors selling shirts and other band merchandise, and a beautiful view of the vast open ocean. This was my heaven. We walked around for a while, tasting the food and checking out the vendors. One thing I can tell you about music festivals is that the majority of people there are some of the nicest and down to earth souls you will ever meet.

After some time of just walking around, we made our way up to the front of the stage. A long list of bands was playing that day and Syd and I just simply stood there letting the music flow into our ears. That day we learned about so many new and upcoming bands that we still listen to this day. As the day carried on, it got consistently hotter and in turn we grew sweatier. Knowing Florida, the humidity was out of control. In order for those of us standing to save our spots, the bouncers would spray everyone with water hoses and pass water back to those becoming dehydrated.  Right before Panic! was supposed to come on after a long day in the sun, it began to pour. And when I say pour I mean POUR!

For safety reasons, the stage had to be shut down and Panic could not come on. The crowd continued to stand for over an hour. You would think it would be absolutely miserable to stand in the pouring rain. However, all of the people began to bond together.  The crowd began to sing Panic songs in hopes of holding out until the rain blew over so we could see who we had been waiting for all day. Once it cleared up (after a LONG period of time), they began to set up the stage once again. And out came Brendon Urie and the other band members.  Everyone began to scream and sing along to every song they knew.  And that is what music does; it brings us all together.

Even with all the craziness that went on within that day, it was one of the best days that I have ever experienced.

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Grant Festivus

Hi! My name is Grant, last name isn't Festivus of course, but i feel like it adds to the theme :) I'm a fabulous man who enjoys having a good time. My past is with East End Green Fest and I want to expand even more outside of just one festival. Stay tuned for more updated and upcoming festivities!