I’ve always enjoyed a good festival.  There is something about waiting for that once a year event with the turkey legs, candy apples, BBQ ribs and so many other goodies.

One of the festivals that come to mind is the Renaissance Festival in Annapolis, MD.  I remember the first time I went to it since it was a reasonable drive from Richmond, VA.  I had just gotten off the phone with my friend Phil who lives in Maryland and he had officially named me his best man for his upcoming wedding in Richmond.  Phil and I had been best friends for over 15 years and I was honored to be there by his side for the big day.

Since I was to be Phil’s best man, it was up to me to organize the bachelor’s party.  The wedding was going to be in our hometown in Richmond, VA and I had the best places for our group to go all planned out.  I also knew who to call for the best limo service in Richmond.  Limo Richmond was the company I had used many times before for special occasions. (more…)

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I Love Music

Music comes as a passion to me. It doesn’t matter what kind necessarily; I can always find the beauty in it. So naturally, I love music festivals! People just come together for that one special thing that seems to flow within all of our veins: the love for music. I remember my first music festival.  It was a hot Summer day in Florida in late May. The forecast said it would be a rainy day but that didn’t stop people from flowing in.


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